MYPEOPLE Newsletter -August-2018

`` MYPEOPLE Newsletter -August -2018  
  Dear All,

Greeting from MYPEOPLE!

Hope you are doing well. By the grace of God everything is good at MYPEOPLE. Please find the updates for the month of August-2018. Please find the activity report of each projects we are running, events, income and expenses , donation details and bank statements.
We thank you all for your kind support. June month the total expenses were Rs 72,600 and the total donation received was Rs. 8600. We have an overhead of 64,000Rs. Please do participate and get the joy of giving. May God bless you with joy, peace and righteousess in every moment of your life.
1 Our free Tailoring center in Orissa, Kalagandi district started and 15 womens are participating
2 Free Tuition centres for the Poor and needy started for the academic year 2018 in three places. And 175 students are getting benefitted.
3 Admission is going on Adonai Paramedical Institute-Munanjipatti (MYPEOPLE Partner Project) for year 2018
4 Admission is going on MYPEOPLE school of tailoring in Munanjipatti for year 2018
Activity Report
S:No Project Number of people benefitted Location State Monthly Expenses Details Amount
1 MYPEOPLE College of Healthcare 5 Girl Students Munanjipatti, Tirunelveli Tamilnadu 6000 - Nursing Staff Salary
2000 - Cook Salary
1800 - Transportation
1200 - Food Expenses
100 - Cable charges
50,000- Licence Expenses
2 MYPEOPLE School of Tailoring 4 Girl Students Munanjipatti, Tirunelveli Tamilnadu 2000 - Tailoring staff salary 2000
3 MYPEOPLE center for Education 80 children (From 3rd standard to 8th standard) Athivasi Hostel, Tora Village, Bargarh District Orissa 2000- Teacher Salary
1500- Teacher Salary
4 MYPEOPLE center for Education 50 children (From 3rd standard to 8th standard) Mill Chock, Tora Village, Bargarh District Orissa 2000- Teacher Salary 2000
5 MYPEOPLE center for Education 45 children(From 3rd standard to 8th standard) Padanpalli Village, Bargarh District Orissa 2000- Teacher Salary 2000
6 MYPEOPLE School of Tailoring 15 women Students Kalagandi, Orisaa Orissa 2000- Tailoring Staff Salary 2000
    199     Total 72,600
  From Donations 8600        
  From Fees 0        
  Total Income 8600        
  Total Expenses 72,600        
  Net Overhead 64,000        
Needs and Appeal
1 We need continous supporters to carry out our Projects continously. Our monthly expenses needs should be met.
Pray and participate
Futue Plans
1 Planning to migrate our hosting to Cloud
Bank Statements:
  Please follow the below link to view our Bank statements for this month.
  Bank statements          
Donation Details
  Please follow the below links to view the donation details for this month.
  Donation Details          
  If you have any feedback or enquiries of issues please call us at +91 9962030363.
God Bless You.



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