"MYPEOPLE" was started on 3rd March 2003.

            We are living in a world where we have access to a lot of comforts and earthly pleasures. These comforts saturate our minds making us forget about the suffering of the poor. Their situation will remain the same unless we help them. In India, our mind is hardened to a great extend that we fail to consider a beggar as a human being. The usual scenario observed is that people throw a coin at him with contempt or avoid him. India consists of over 20.5 million beggars who are physically or mentally sick. Quite a number of them are affected by leprosy and other contagious disease. Most of them earn their living by begging but, this does not heal their wounds. They long to love and to be loved.

             India has about 80 million tribals scattered in about 461 tribal clan. Most of the tribes live in remote areas. The infant death rate is high among the tribes, malnutrition being the major cause. Most of them are illiterates. Slums are paradoxes of the cities "Bigger the city, wider is the slum". Within the same area, one group of people live in luxury, while another group lives in utter poverty and helplessness. We can see slum areas beside the highways & railway tracks. In India there are over 100 million people who live in slums which are the hells in earth. People live here in poverty, ignorance and superstition, mainly because they have no other place to go or no home to live in.

            This is the condition of the darker side of the world. Most of us love our kith and kin but do not bother about the world outside. The only way to eradicate poverty is to love our fellow citizens irrespective of their colour, caste or creed. Hence, when an individual considers the whole world as his/her family, the world would be a better place to live in. MYPEOPLE strives forward with this goal.

Help them or help us to help them.

" Service to mankind is service to God "


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