About Our Old age home Program


     Our Old age home Program is in a very starting stage. We have many plans to do by the grace of God. Now days the Old aged people are being rejected by the community. We are getting at least 5 calls in a month asking to accommodate the old aged people in their home to our Old age home.

   So as Jesus Christ said through his word from Bible that who accepts widows and desperate people really accepts me we have started this Old Age home.

      We need more infrastructure and staffs to look at the old aged people and that’s why we are reluctant to admit the Old aged people. So whenever we receive the call asking to admit the old aged people we are just reluctant to admit.

  We are praying so that Jesus Christ will guide as according to his will.

    We have planned to admit Old aged people both in our Tirunelveli and Nagercoil Old age home if they are steady enough to manage by themselves.

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