Our values



         We are accountable for all the money we receive as donation from all the members. And we assure all the finds will be utilized for serving the poor and needy only. No money will be utilized for any other activities other than administration purposes. We have separate Auditor for accounting the Trust account details. And we file Income Tax Return every year. We submit Auditor report every year to all the members. We are accountable to all the donations we receive from our members. Even a single paise will not be used for any other activities apart from the charitable and administration purposes.

     We are true to all the members, contributors, well wishers, legal advisors and the supporters. We keep all the information transparent. Our plans, goals, organizational details and organizational reports are released with complete transparency and integrity. We are obliged to honour our members, contributors, well wishers, legal advisors. We pledge that our duties will always be done candidly under all circumstances. We are committed to this rationale.


         We are accountable and perform all activities with the best of our capability. We are committed to serve the poor and needy. With the efforts of our volunteers and our interested members we are planning to extend our service to the betterment of our habitat. We are obliged to serve the people of the nations irrespective of caste, creed, culture or race. All are equal in our sight. We consider everyone to be children of God hence it is our motto to treat others as we treat ourselves


        We have many sponsors, supporters and members to run this service effectively. The process details are given below. Our supporters are classified into two kinds as S-Partners and Active Members. S-Partners are required to donate what they have promised for each month and they can give their suggestion and opinions to develop our service still better. Active Members can donate money whenever they wish and it is not mandatory. They can always provide their suggestions and opinions to improve/expand our service.


      We recognize our supporters for their hard work leading to the growth of MYPEOPLE. We have planned to distribute certificates to encourage our members.


       The service is managed by interested volunteers, members and supporters. New plans and initiatives are introduced often to improve the service still better.

Respecting Human Values:

     We respect human values. We are committed to respect every human being as they are created by God in His own image. We treat everybody equally. Every human is precious to us and we are committed to help them. We do not categorize anybody.


    We keep transparency in all our organizational activities. Whenever new initiatives are introduced the information will be cascaded to all the members.


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