MYPEOPLE Updates December 2012


“All Praise, Honor and Glory to Almighty Lord”

December month Update

Dear All,

Greetings from MYPEOPLE!

                By the Grace of Almighty Lord we are able to continue our journey towards reaching the poor and needy. All Praise, Honor and Glory unto him.

MYPEOPLE Updates – December – 2012:

1. MYPEOPLE Accounts details for every month will be updated in our website:

As we have planned to send the MYPEOPLE accounts mail for every month we have send the same for the month of November.  Please go through the mail that we have sent earlier.  We want all the members and the outside world to know how we are spending the donations we have received from all the members, friends, supporters and Board members.

                We at MYPEOPLE have one goal to serve the poor and needy as we strongly believe the truth that serving the poor and needy is serving God. And we at MYPEOPLE trust and believe that to be with God and to be in Heaven the Only way is to Love others. This is the main commandment of Lord Jesus Christ. Now days we are very motivated to serve the poor and needy. We need to love other like us. This can be attained only when the selfish in us dies. Only when we get released from the self we can love others and only when we love others we will be satisfied and we will be happy at every moment of our life.

2. MYPEOPLE Website Updated:

                We have updated our website. Have a look at our new website at and please give us your valuable feedback. Every month we will be updating our website with the following

  1. Donations details for that month.
  2. Expenses for the particular month.
  3. MYPEOPLE updates for that particular month.

We have planned to sell some products to raise funds for our Charity. We will be updating you the same soon.

3. MYPEOPLE 2013 Calendars:

We have almost going to finish printing our 2013 calendars.  The design looks good and this year we have displayed all the important days and holidays. It will be of great use to you all. More updates will be shared on the coming weeks.

December Month need:

1. New dresses for our Orphanage kids:

                We need to buy clothes to all the children of our orphanages. We need to buy clothes for 50 persons including the staffs. These little children will be happier if they get the new dresses.   Interested members who can contribute to bring smiles to these children can contribute. You can contribute either as Cash or as dresses. In either case we will be giving the accounts details along with the vendor details. If you want to be happy make others happy. Believe this; if you are making others happy then others will make you happier. Because happiness cannot be generated by us, it’s generated by someone or something. Either God can make you happier or through other people God can make you happier.

2. Mosquito net for Tirunelveli Orphanage:

We need to buy Mosquito net to cover the verandah. As the verandah is open mosquito are coming using the grill. So there is a mandate to cover the verandah using mosquito net. The estimate for this is 10,000. Those who are interested can contribute for this.

 Project Updates:

                All the children are fine in all our Orphanages. In Tirunelveli Orphanage there is some mandate to finish some construction works. And the works is still going on. And we need to buy Mosquito net to cover the verandah.

Love others and help others.


God Bless You,



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