S:No Date Need Description Proposed Amount Sponsor Details Status Vendor Details Branch
1 29-Nov-2012 In Need of Christmas dresses for 50 Children 30,000 INR   Open   All the three branches
2 29-Nov-2012 Christmas Gifts for 50 Children 15,000 INR   Open   All the three branches
3 29-Nov-2012 Mosquito Net for Tirunelveli Orphanage to cover the mail hall 10,000 INR   Open   Tirunelveli Orphanage
4 29-Nov-2012 Bedsheets and Pillows for 25 Children 7,500 INR   Open   All the three branches
5 29-Nov-2012 Computers for all the three branches 60,000   Open   All the three branches
6 29-Nov-2012 Need to construct boundary wall and Gate for Tirunelveli Orphanage 1,50,000 INR   Open   Tirunelveli Orphanage
7 29-Nov-2012 Need to buy motor vehicle to tirunelveli Orphanage 50,000   Open   Tirunelveli Orphanage


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