Inspiration and motivation


         The main motivation behing starting MYPEOPLE service is to transform people's lives from poverty, distress, illiteracy, unawareness and sad emotions. We are passionate to transform people. This service was started on 3rd March 2003. Mr. Daniel Jeganathan is the founder and Director of this eight year old organization. The main inspiration behind starting this organization is summed up below:


          "Love others like you"-is the principle of Jesus Christ that made me to think about others. And I was motivated by many principles of Jesus Christ and at one instance I realized that everyone should serve the poor and needy and it’s mandatory apart from serving God. Now I am doing this charitable service because of my interest coupled with my responsibility. The motto "Treating others as us" of mypeople was derived from the principle "Love others like you”. The name of this service "mypeople" was even derived from this principle.


                                                                               - Daniel Jeganathan.J

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