About Our ITU Program


Purpose of this project:

The purpose of the project is to encourage Industrialists/ Entrepreneurs  to absorb differentlyabled persons into their work place.

In our country there are many institutions which train the so called “Disabled” on many industrial activities. But it is a common sight that many of these trained candidates are wandering through the streets. The industrialists show negative attitudes towards them.

             Through my more than twenty years of experience with the “Disabled”, I can confidently say that majority (If not all) of the differentlyabled persons are capable of carrying out any types of activities that required to be carried out in an industrial setting. The same is the experience with those who are training them. But if anybody asks these trainers how the disabled are capable of carrying out these activities, while they do not have the required faculties, none of the trainers will be able to answer the question in a logical and a scientific way.

                  I could set up an experimental factory exclusive for the handicapped with the sole purpose of scientifically analyzing the methodology and process of carrying out the required tasks in the absence or impairment of various organs.

                 The booklets that I am having contains various observations which conclusively prove , that the disabled can be employed Productively and Competitively in any industrial units. Those who want to have these books can approach me.

                 Working out on these findings, around 40 differentlyabled persons could find gainful employment during the last few years. They remain in the same organizations for period ranging from 5 to 10 years.

                 I hope this website will remove many doubts from the minds of industrialists and give them confidence for recruiting the differentlyabled candidate in their industrial units.



                                                                        Researcher of differentlyabled people

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