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Want to serve the poor and needy?

Join us to reach the Underprivileged.  We at MYPEOPLE have one goal to serve the poor and needy as we strongly believe the truth that serving the poor and needy is serving God. And we at MYPEOPLE believe that to be with God and to be in Heaven the Only way is to Love others. This is the main commandment of Lord Jesus Christ. We need to love other like us. This can be attained only when the selfish in us dies. And only when we get released from the self we can love others and only when we love others we will be satisfied and we will be happy at every moment of our life.

Why I should join MYPEOPLE?

Trust and Transparency in action:

We are transparent in all our financial dealings. To build the trust from all our members and the outside world every rupee that we have spent will be available in our website. To show our transparency in action we are sending the account details of MYPEOPLE. We will send the income and expenses details every month to all our members and contributors and friends.

                And we will provide the contact details of the vendors, retailers, staffs and the other people whom we have given the money. Anyone can verify them and if there are discrepancies you can contact us.

What is S-Partner means?

An “S- Partner” means you have contribute to MYPEOPLE financially whatever you have pledged. It’s mandatory that you should contribute every month what you have promised. Because of your pledge we might have done some plan with your contribution. If we are not receiving the pledged amount from you every month then we may feel difficulty I our expenses.

You will be receiving all our Updates mail as Newsletter, Every month accounting details along with the list of funds received from people and the expenses details. The expenses details will have the contact details and contact numbers of the vendors, retailers, staffs and the other people whom we have given the money.

Please follow the below link to register yourself as Supporting Partner.


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