MYPEOPLE 2013 Calendar

MYPEOPLE  2013 Calendar
MYPEOPLE  2013 Calendar MYPEOPLE  2013 Calendar MYPEOPLE  2013 Calendar
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This calendar is a high quality Table Top calendar and it is designed pretty well. This can be kept in our office cabins so that we can have a quick reference. Also these calendars have good quotes for every month. The Calendar has all the special days and holidays for each month. 

Based on your request we will dispatch the required number of calendars at your company doorstep or at your home.


Calendar – 2013 Fundraising Program:

How it works? 

The manufacturing cost of each calendar   = Rs 40 

Selling cost of each calendar                        = Rs 100 

Profit from each calendar                             = Rs 60 

The funds raised by selling these calendars are scheduled for the noble cause of serving the poor and the needy. 

 What is this Calendar? 

Please extend your support by all possible means for this noble initiative of MYPEOPLE. We would request you to kindly share the same with your friends, so that some of them may join hands. Being calendars, People will be interested to buy only in the beginning of the New Year. If each one of us try & manage to sell at least 20 to 25 calendars, we can sell huge numbers before it’s too late.


For any clarification needed, please call us or write back. 

 To buy the calendars or for any queries, Drop us a mail or call us at

[email protected]  or call us at +91 9790490987 and +91 9962030363. 

Awaiting your response and inputs. 

Please spend some time to know about us by visiting us at  

Thanks a lot in advance. 


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